Who is Soot and Who is Ty?

Soot and Ty - sounds like the famous Justin Timberlake song, but its more then that. It is a play on word and marketing ploy to stand out and be remembered and there is just one person behind the brand.

Soot and Ty started out of frustration of working 9-5 for a local government job, wanting to find something i was happy to do and make people happy along the way.

Having no fashion background except for part time jobs during uni days, and also studying law and criminology i was of course limited to say the least to become a fashion icon. Especially since i did not always go shopping nor am i clued up with the fashion world. However, one thing i had was my own opinion of what i liked and what i enjoyed.

With the above mentioned skill set (or be it lack of any other) Soot and Ty was created, its style, flavour, love for prints and slim fitting was based on me, myself and i. Once i started trading 2014 in Bricklane weekend market, to my surprise i had both men and women buying. I realised what i was doing was offering a niche market for slim fit guys who always had to make do with a ill fitting shirt and there i was offering beautiful tailor fit shirt that just fit and women just loved my consideration with button spacing, non pokey shoulders and in styles other stores did not create.

6 months after the Bricklane market stalls, in December 2014 i opened my Camden store. And this store i personally designed, fitted, sanded, painted and managed. Had friends who gave few hours but no builders as wanted to be about my energy and my effort, most importantly it needed to have warm ambience and cozy calm shopping experience. Due to the location much of the customers have been international, but when the local have discovered me, they always been coming back.

My aim with Soot and Ty is to make people happy with clothes, as i always look at the clothes i produce and think; in a room full of others, will my clothes stand out in a tasteful manner and stand out without shouting. Just like the brand name, the clothes are memorable.

Whilst i have people helping me, i am still the designer of every item, i personally source the fabrics and buttons etc for each items, meet with manufacturers who don't speak English but i manage somehow, and i work at the shop, the market and try manage the online store. Oh and social media, umm, perhaps when i have time i will keep everyone up to speed with a Soot and Ty blog, and focus on the bigger project, House of Soot and Ty.

Watch this space.....many amazing things will be happening.